BCJ Investigations

The Bureau of Children’s Justice, created by Attorney General Kamala D. Harris in 2015, is part of the California Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Enforcement Section and charged with ensuring all of California’s children are on track to meet their full potential. One way in which the Bureau carries out its mission is through enforcement of state laws that protect children’s rights.

In its first action, the Bureau of Children’s Justice sent a letter to officials in all 58 counties in California, outlining their legal responsibilities with regard to foster youth and urging each county to evaluate their current enforcement and oversight policies and practices.

For more information about the types of cases that the Bureau of Children’s Justice pursues and our investigation process, please visit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The Bureau of Children’s Justice is currently conducting a number of investigations relating to system-wide issues on a variety of subject matters that impact children and youth in California.  Due to the nature of these investigations, the Bureau seeks input and information from members of the public - both positive and negative - regarding several of these matters. Being the subject of an investigation does not indicate that any entity is violating or has violated the law.

If you have information to share regarding any of the investigations below, you can click this link:

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You may also contact BCJ@doj.ca.gov to share information. The Bureau of Children’s Justice is interested in hearing about the experiences, both positive and negative, of the public relating to its investigations. This page will be updated as current investigations conclude and/or additional investigations begin. The California Department of Justice will treat all information received from the public regarding these matters as confidential.

Humboldt County Mandatory Reporting

The Bureau of Children’s Justice is investigating Humboldt County agencies’ compliance with California’s mandatory reporting law, including receiving, cross-reporting, and investigating reports of suspected child abuse and neglect.

Non-Public Schools – Tobinworld

The Bureau of Children’s Justice is investigating non-public schools, including Tobinworld, that contract with several school districts in California, relating to their treatment of students with disabilities.

San Bernardino County Child Welfare

The Bureau of Children’s Justice is investigating San Bernardino County’s compliance with California laws intended to ensure the safety and well-being of children, including children in the dependency system.

San Diego County Probation Department

The Bureau of Children’s Justice is investigating conditions of confinement in juvenile halls and camps overseen by the San Diego County Probation Department.

Stockton Unified School District Police Department

The Bureau of Children’s Justice is investigating the policies and practices of Stockton Unified School District and the District’s Police Department with respect to interactions with students.