Office of California-Mexico Bilateral Relations


The Office of California-Mexico Bilateral Relations (Office) serves to strengthen the level of cooperation in governmental and legal relations involving California and Mexico, develop and enhance Department of Justice (DOJ) policies and programs involving Mexico, our neighboring sister border states, and the U.S. federal government, and to build stronger relationships with representatives of Mexico at all levels of law enforcement, civil government, and the diplomatic corps.


The Office will coordinate and enhance the work performed by professional and support staff engaged in addressing legal and law enforcement issues between California and Mexico. These issues include, but are not limited to, the return of abducted children, combating human trafficking, money laundering, and other crimes committed by transnational criminal organizations and gangs, pursuing the prosecution of fugitives for crimes committed in California, advancing border environmental enforcement, and monitoring litigation and legislation related to Mexico and border legal affairs. The Office will provide advice and counsel to the Attorney General on matters of importance to California law enforcement, public safety officials, residents, and community based- non-governmental agencies on border, bilateral legal policies and programs to promote safe and crime-free communities in California.


The Office will implement and attain the following goals to achieve its objectives and realize its vision:

  • Consult with and provide support to DOJ’s border-related policies and programs, including but not limited to child abduction unit, international child support enforcement unit, Foreign Prosecution and Law Enforcement Unit, and related border law enforcement activities;
  • Establish and maintain contacts with various national, state and non-state entities that administer programs which impact California-Mexico bilateral legal affairs;
  • Serve as a liaison to California law enforcement, state and federal agencies, consular officials, and the private sector concerning DOJ border-related policies and programs;
  • Design, implement and coordinate border-oriented anti-trafficking task forces to combat human trafficking, and the smuggling of illicit drugs and weapons and money laundering associated with transnational criminal enterprises;
  • Seek and secure funds to support the implementation of DOJ border-related policies and programs such as California’s Binational Child Abduction Conference, Human Trafficking Conference, and Advanced and Specialized Prosecutor Training regarding Border Crimes;
  • Monitor and report on litigation affecting legal and economic relationships between California and Mexico of interest to DOJ border-related policies and programs;
  • Review and recommend legislative proposals on matters affecting or related to public safety and security and border legal and law enforcement matters;
  • Seek information and recommendations concerning DOJ programs and policies from department professional and support staff engaged in addressing legal and law enforcement issues between California and Mexico; and,
  • Convene a Summit on Border Affairs and Public Safety and Security for law enforcement/first responders, Mexican consular officials, California legislators, trans-border Native American tribal representatives, and private sector industry leaders to address current issues, exemplary programs, and innovative solutions to critical border legal affairs affecting California communities.

Border Law Enforcement Programs within California Department of Justice