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Class Codesort ascending Class
T108 Forensic Alcohol Interpretation
T104 Pharmacology of Cannabinoids
T102b Forensic Toxicology Instrumentation - LCMSMS
T101 Introduction to Forensic Toxicology
S213 Crime Scene Reconstruction
S211 Crime Scene Investigation II
S202 Shooting Incident Reconstruction
S201 Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
S115 Pathology of Wounds
S111 Crime Scene Investigation I
S106 Photoshop for Forensic Examiners
S105 Forensic Photography
R506 Probabilistic Genotyping
R500 Kinship Analysis
R253 Y-Chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (Y-STR) Analysis and Typing
R252 Short Tandem Repeat (STR) II Analysis and Typing
R251 Short Tandem Repeat (STR) I Analysis and Typing
R210 Genetic Typing Methods in Forensic Science
R123 Microscopy of Sexual Assault Evidence
R108 Clothing Examination
R107 Casework Approach I
R106 Biological Fluid Identification
R104 DNA Extraction and Quantitation with qPCR
R103 Population Genetics and Statistics in Forensic DNA Analysis
M213 Hair Examination for DNA Analysis
M212 Identification of Building Materials
M202 Fiber Identification and Comparison
M201 Hair Examination and Comparison
M115 Headlamp Examination
M101 Basic Practical Microscopy
H102 Laboratory Safety Officer
E600 Firearms and Toolmark Examiners Academy
E451 Ammunition Reloading - Forensic Identification Issues
E440 Gunshot Residue Distance Determination
E429 Special Topics - Full-Auto and Conversion
E428 Special Topics - Armorer School - AR Series Rifles
E427 Special Topics - Armorer School - Rem 870 Shotguns
E426 Special Topics - Armorer School - AK Series Rifles
E425a Firearms Factory Tours Extension
E425 Firearms Factory Tours
E424 Special Topics - Armorer School - Colt 45 Series Pistols
E423 Special Topics - Armorer School - Sig Pistols
E422 Special Topics - Armorer School - S&W Revolvers
E421 Special Topics - Armorer School - S&W Pistols
E420 Special Topics - Firearms Function and Design
E419 Fundamental Manufacturing Processes
E418 Basic Firearms Disassembly and Reassembly
E402 Suppressors, Their History, Design and Testing
E252 Latent Print Photography
E202 Toolmark Comparison Criteria / Refresher
E201 Toolmark Comparison Criteria
E152 Latent Print Comparisons
E151 Latent Print Techniques
E142 Tire Track & Tire Impression Evidence Examination (For Examiners)
E141 Footwear Impression Evidence Comparison
E140 Detection and Recovery of Footwear and Tire Impressions
E111 Serial Number Restoration
E103 Firearms and Toolmarks Introduction II
E102 Firearms and Toolmarks Introduction I
E101 Firearms Safety
D500 Vehicle Investigations
D425 Computer Forensics - Macintosh
D420 Advanced Cellular Phone Forensics
D415 Computer Crime Advanced LAN Investigations
D400 PC Forensics - Advanced Computer Investigations, Build-a-Box
D320 Cellular Phone Forensics/Investigations
D315 Computer Crime - LAN Investigations
D310 Advanced Specialized Investigative Tools
D300 Computer Digital Evidence Recovery
D225 Policing the Dark Web and Crypto-currency: The Good, The Bad, The Future
D200 UPDATED- Computer Crime-Investigation of Internet Crimes
D105 Computer Crimes Pre-Search
D100 Computer Crime-High Technology Investigation
C401 MDMA and Associated Compounds
C251 Intermediate Analysis of Ignitable Liquids and Fire Debris
C215 Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogs
C205 Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids
C201 Clandestine Laboratory Analysis and Synthesis
C152 Analysis of Explosives
C151 Intro to Ignitable Liquids and Fire Debris
C131 Interpretation of Infrared Spectra
C115 Butane Honey Oil Laboratories
C111 Mass Spectra: Theory and Interpretation
A200 Forensic Statistics
A180 Cognitive and Human Factors in Forensic Decision Making
A130 Ethics in Forensic Science
A120 Technical Writing for the Criminalist
A109 Presentation of DNA Evidence in Court
A103 Presentation of Courtroom Evidence