Down for Maintenance

The Registry of Charitable Trusts Applications are down for maintenance.

The Online Renewal System and the Registry Verification Search tool are down for maintenance. We do not have an estimated date on which those services will be restored and available.

Registry Verification Search

Until service is restored, there are a couple options for you to look up information about charitable organizations, including your own:

  • Downloadable Charity Registration Reports are updated monthly on the Registry Reports page.
  • For charitable organizations wishing to check on status of recent filings, below is a downloadable CSV file that will be available while the Registry Verification Search tool is unavailable. It will be updated more frequently – we will try to do so every weekday at about 5PM (the “As-of” date is in included in the file). It contains information about the registrant and status of annual report filings (i.e. Form RRF-1, Form CT-TR-1, IRS Form 990 and required supplementary documentation and attachments) that were either:
    • Received by the Registry in the last 6 months, or
    • For accounting periods that ended within the last 12 months.

The CSV file may be opened using a number of applications, including Microsoft Excel, allowing you to search for a particular organization based on one of the data elements included. For details about the data included in the CSV file, review Charity Annual Report Filings Data Legend (PDF).

Definitions of overall and annual filing statuses assigned by the Registry are available on the Registry Verification Search Tips & Filing Definitions page.

Download List

Online Renewal System

Until service is restored and to expedite online renewal for small charities, the Registry is providing a contact form to registrants who are:

Registrants meeting both of the above requirements, may use the temporary online filing form link below to submit signed and scanned documents in PDF format including Form RRF-1, Form CT-TR-1, and, if filed with the IRS, IRS Form 990(-EZ/PF) along with required attachments. Registrants submitting IRS Form 990(-EZ/PF) do not also need to submit Form CT-TR-1.

For details and FAQs regarding required documents, see the Annual Registration Renewal and the Online Renewal System Checklist pages for guidance.

For registrants NOT meeting both of the above requirements, please DO NOT use the online filing form linked below. Instead, please either mail all required documents and fees together to the address listed on the forms or check this Maintenance page periodically to see if the Online Renewal System is available or will be available soon.

Continue to the online filing form for registrants reporting under $25,001 Gross Annual Revenue