Firearms Factory Tours Extension

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E - Firearms and Impression Evidence Program
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This supplements the approximately twelve day long journey which provides tours of a series of firearms related manufactories in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Students observe current manufacturing processes. Emphasis is placed on processes that create forensically significant tool surfaces. A maximum of twelve students can be accommodated. THIS CLASS IS AVAILABLE FOR BFS FIREARMS ACADEMY STUDENTS ONLY. Not POST Certified at this time.

Mike Giusto & Torrey Johnson, California Criminalistics Institute
Teaching Methods: 
Tours, documentation with notes and photography, discussion, and preparation of a presentation of findings.
Students will learn some currently used manufacturing methods of forensically significant tool surfaces. Students will be able to determine the uniqueness of various manufactured surfaces.
Enrolled in E600 BFS Fireams Academy
Prereading or research projects may be assigned
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Mike Giusto (916) 464-5648, (916)464-0600, FAX (916) 464-5818
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No classes are scheduled at this time.

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