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Do Your Career Justice - Become a Deputy Attorney General

DOJ attorneys represent the state and its residents to protect Californians from violent criminals, preserve the environment, maintain a fair marketplace, and, above all, preserve the rule of law.

Attorneys within DOJ argue the legal merits of cases in the highest courts in the state and nation. As a result, many of the cases handled by our attorneys result in important legal precedents that interpret the law for California and the nation.

Where We Work

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Deputy Attorney General Positions and How to Apply

  • The Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Series include the classifications shown in the table below. DAG classifications depend on the number of years of legal experience in the practice of law.
  • All DAG classes, except Graduate Legal Assistants, require active membership in the California State Bar. (Applicants who are not members of The California State Bar but who are eligible to take The California State Bar examination or are in their final year of law school will be admitted to the examination but will not be considered eligible for appointment until they are admitted to The State Bar.)
  • Graduate Legal Assistants work under the close supervision of attorneys to assist in legal research, and in preliminary work involving legal matters. The Graduate Legal Assistant class is designed to afford law school graduates who are not yet certified by the California State Bar an introduction to legal practice at DOJ.
Classification Minimum Qualifications Exam Link Link to open positions (CalCareers)**
Graduate Legal Assistant (GLA) Law school graduates, not yet certified by The State Bar of California GLA Exam GLA Openings
DAG Range A 0 months – less than 24 months of legal experience Attorney Exam DAG Openings
DAG Range B 24 months of legal experience Attorney Exam DAG Openings
DAG III 5 years of legal experience DAG III Exam DAG III Openings
DAG IV 6 years of legal experience (1 year must be equivalent to DAG III or higher) DAG IV Exam
(Exam administered by CA DOJ)
DAG IV Openings
DAG V 8 years of legal experience (2 years must be equivalent to DAG IV or higher) Promotional Exam only
(Exam administered by CA DOJ)
DAG V Openings
(Lateral transfers only)
Supervising DAG (DAG Supervisor) 8 years of legal experience (2 years must be equivalent to DAG III or higher) DAG Supervisor Exam
(Exam administered by CA DOJ)
DAG Supervisor Openings

Some job controls (i.e., bulletins that advertise vacancies) will be for more than one classification, such as DAG III or DAG IV. Please view the position details of a job control to view the classifications that may be considered.

Application Process


The DAG application process generally takes 3-6 months, depending on the position and background check process