Firearms Safety

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E - Firearms and Impression Evidence Program
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This three-day (24-hour) course will provide students with knowledge of basic firearm terminology, construction, and operation as well as first-hand experience in safely loading, test-firing, and unloading a variety of firearms. The firearms included are the ones commonly found in criminal cases: revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and automatic firearms. The primary focus is the safe operation and handling of firearms, ammunition. This course is intended for laboratory technicians, latent print examiners, criminalists, or crime scene specialists from law enforcement agencies who must handle evidence firearms in the course of their duties. Each class is limited to 20 students.

Dave Barber and Mike Giusto
Teaching Methods: 
Classroom lecture, handling and range firing of more than 25 different firearms.
Students will be able to collect firearms evidence safely. Students will be able to safely load and unload a wide variety of firearms action types.
Pre-course reading material may be required
No cost to POST supported or State of California based Law Enforcement agencies. A $360.00 tuition fee will be required of all other public agency, private sector, or out-of-state applicants.
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Mike Giusto (916) 464-5648, (916)464-0600, FAX (916) 464-5818

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Clayton September 27-29, 2017