Serial Number Restoration

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E - Firearms and Impression Evidence Program
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This three-day (24-hour) class will provide students with knowledge of the principles of firearm serial number identification, the metallurgical aspect of impressions and the methods that are available for the restoration of obliterated samples. Students will become acquainted with diverse restoration methods and will practice with number segments stamped in metal. The course will also emphasize proper documentation methods for serial number cases and the completion of the National Tracing Center form. Safety and health aspects will also be discussed. This course is intended for examiners, criminalists, or crime scene specialists from law enforcement agencies who will be restoring serial numbers in the course of their duties. Each class is limited to 12 students.

Michael F. Giusto, California Criminalistics Institute
Teaching Methods: 
Classroom lectures, restoration exercises on actual samples
Students should be able to restore firearm serial numbers in a safe and proficient manner.
Pre-course reading material may be assigned.
No cost to POST supported or State of California based Law Enforcement agencies. A $360.00 tuition fee will be required of all other public agency, private sector, or out-of-state applicants.
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Mike Giusto (916) 464-5648, (916)464-0600, FAX (916) 464-5818

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Rancho Cordova October 24-26, 2017