Attorney General Bill Lockyer Issues Statement on Governor Davis' Proposed 2000-01 State Budget

Monday, January 10, 2000
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(San Jose) – Attorney General Bill Lockyer today issued the following statement regarding Governor Davis' 2000-01 State Budget:

"Governor Gray Davis' Budget represents a major victory for law enforcement and the protection of public safety. By making strategic investments in existing programs that have been neglected for years, increasing funding for the Citizens Option for Public Safety program, and creating new public safety initiatives we will be well positioned to improve the quality of life for Californians in the next millennium. Governor Davis has also invested heavily in the single best crime prevention program we have – a high-quality educational system.

"As Attorney General, my top law enforcement priority for this year is the improvement of the state's DNA lab and expanded use of our DNA Data Bank to help solve crimes and convict criminals. The Budget's support of my proposal to spend $5.5 million on this program will ensure the elimination of the Data Bank's backlog and allow our lab to help local law enforcement solve ‘suspectless' crimes. The Budget also provides funding for several other of my requests, including: increased enforcement of firearms laws at gun shows; creation of a High Technology Crime Database and new staff positions to improve enforcement; increased resources to enforce environmental protection laws; new funding for the investigation and prosecution of false claims; continued support of the spousal abuser prosecution grant program; and, new resources to train care givers on recognizing and increasing the reporting of elder abuse.

"While the State Budget takes important steps toward improving public safety, there is much more we need to do. I will continue to work with the Governor and Legislature to improve law enforcement services, expand state Medi-Cal fraud investigations and prosecutions, as well as protect consumers and businesses from predatory gasoline pricing practices."

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