Attorney General, U.S. Attorney and Sacramento County District Attorney Announce Formation of Joint Task Force in Department of Insurance Investigation

Wednesday, July 12, 2000
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(SACRAMENTO) – Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Eastern District U.S. Attorney Paul Seave and Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully today announced the formation of a multi-jurisdictional task force to conduct the ongoing criminal investigation of the Northridge insurance settlements and related Department of Insurance actions.

"Working together, I expect that a complete, fair and thorough investigation of the actions of the Department of Insurance can be completed and appropriate actions taken as soon as possible," Lockyer said. "By combining investigative resources and special expertise, we can more effectively gather and evaluate all of the evidence and use all of the state and federal legal tools needed to punish any criminal activity. I will also continue to pursue all available remedies that will provide restitution for the victims of the Northridge earthquake."

"Our task force will bring to justice any state officials who have abused the people's trust," Seave said.

"We have a history of successful joint operations with the Attorney General and the United States Attorney. The public can be confident we will fairly and effectively address these matters," Scully said.

The task force will be led by Deputy Attorney General Mark Geiger and Assistant U.S. Attorney Pat Hanly. The task force will ensure that the criminal investigation evaluates all the evidence in light of relevant state and federal laws. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the California Department of Justice Bureau of Investigations will also be members of the task force.

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