What is Back on Track – Los Angeles?

Back on Track – Los Angeles (BOT-LA) is an intensive recidivism reduction pilot program designed by DR3, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Probation Department. By providing a broad set of education and vocational opportunities, cognitive behavior training, and re-entry services to incarcerated men, the program helps offenders gain employment, find housing, and reunite with their families – all in order to build new, crime-free lives.

In-Custody Phase

The 5-day a week “in-custody” BOT–LA component will serve 90 felony offenders housed at the Pitchess Detention Center (PDC), who are moderate to high risk to re-offend.

Individualized Case Management

Participants receive weekly in person check-ins with experienced case managers; coordination and consultation with college counseling services, oversight and monitoring of educational courses; monthly group meetings on topics related to reintegration; and assistance in developing an individualized re-entry plan, including transitional housing, child support obligations and health care enrollment.

Cognitive Behavior Training

Comprehensive cognitive behavioral training based on the “Thinking for a Change” program by Dr. Edward Latessa, of the University of Cincinnati Criminal Institute (UCCI), is designed to change maladaptive thinking and behavior and has proven effective in reducing recidivism. All participants will engage in this 26 week structured training, and additionally, substance abuse training when deemed necessary.

Adult Development Programs

Life Skills programming, parenting classes, and financial literacy courses are just some of the adult development trainings provided by Five Keys Charter School case managers and other experts in related fields.


Remedial high school and college-level courses in academic and career/technical subjects will be taught by staff from Five Keys Charter School, Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Los Angeles Mission College, and College of the Canyons in an effort to ensure that all participants are literate, earn their high school diplomas, transferrable college credits and certifications, develop vocational and career technical skills, and achieve computer literacy. Upon release, case managers and probation coaches will guide participants as they continue their education tracks.


Finding and keeping a job is paramount to successful reentry. Career counseling, workshops focused on job search skills, workplace behavior, job-retention techniques, and transitional placement, will be provided to program participants by Five Keys Charter School, Los Angles Trade Technical College, Los Angeles Mission College, and College of the Canyons. In addition, program participants will be matched with employment and/or internship opportunities upon release through BOT-LA’s strategic partnerships.

Out-of-Custody Phase

Upon release, participants will enter a one-year “transitional safety net” phase where they receive continued case management and coaching services through the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Probation coaches help participants navigate their reintegration into the community and assist with housing, child support services, financial literacy training, securing and retaining employment, among other essential services.

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