Application Information and Procedures

General Information

The Advanced Training Center (ATC) in the Attorney General’s Division of Law Enforcement provides training to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout California. ATC also provides in service law enforcement training to DOJ agents statewide.


ATC courses are certified under POST Plan IV. Be sure to check with your Department’s POST representative or the ATC course Program Secretary for the status of POST training reimbursement.

Class Location, Size and Frequency

Courses are presented throughout California at selected locations. Class sizes are limited to provide for maximum student/instructor contact.

Further information regarding a particular course may be obtained by contacting the ATC and asking for the specific courses training officer or program secretary.

Application Procedures

  1. Officers interested in training should check the ATC website under “SCHEDULE OF CLASSES” for classes of interest and specific dates and locations.
  2. Training officer(s) should contact the ATC Program Secretary to check the availability of dates and locations for the course desired.
  3. Training officer(s) should complete the ATC Application Form (JUS TC 1) in its entirety, have it signed by the department head or designee and fax to:

    Department of Justice - Advanced Training Center
    Fax: (916) 464-5577

  4. ATC Application Form

    All of the requested fields of information MUST be completed in order for the application to be processed in a timely manner. Incomplete information may delay entrance into the requested course. If your agency is uncertain as to who will attend the course, please write TBA in the participant name area and have your training coordinator follow-up with a name as soon as possible.

  5. Upon receipt of a completed course application, the appropriate ATC Training Officer will review it for approval.
  6. If an officer is selected to attend an ATC course, a course confirmation letter will be mailed to the officer approximately six (6) weeks prior to the course.


Cancellation and No-Show Policy

If the student is unable to attend a class in which they have been enrolled, the agency training officer should immediately contact the ATC. The ATC maintains an automated record of students by agency. This record notes if the student completes the course, is unable to complete the course due to an emergency or court, cancels their attendance, or fails to come to class. Agencies and/or students who demonstrate a repeated pattern of cancellation or no shows will be noticed, and may have future enrollments jeopardized.

Substitution Policy

If the student originally enrolled and confirmed in a class is unable to attend, a substitute may be sent. Submit an ATC Application Form (JUS TC 1) for the new student and indicate the name of the student for whom they are substituting. The agency will be notified as soon as possible that the substitution has been approved. Do not send a substitute without prior ATC approval.


Students attending classes presented by the ATC will be notified of hotels offering special rates to ATC students. Agencies must make payment for lodging directly to the hotel.