Data Broker Registration

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This submission is required by California Civil Code § 1798.99.82.

California law requires a data broker, as that term is defined in California Civil Code § 1798.99.80, to register with the Attorney General on its internet website that is accessible to the public. The law mandates that a data broker shall pay a registration fee and provide information required by the statute, including name, primary physical, email, and internet website addresses, as well as any additional information or explanation the data broker chooses to provide concerning its data collection practices.

At this time, payment for registration is only accepted by check. You must register by first creating an account with a valid email address. After you have submitted the required information and it is approved, an invoice that includes mailing instructions for payment will be generated and emailed to the email address associated with the account. The invoice states that the initial registration fee is $360. Registration is not complete until the Attorney General receives the registration fee.

A data broker that has not registered by the January 31 statutory deadline should register as soon as possible and may be liable for civil penalties for each day the data broker fails to register.