Resources for Law Enforcement

Identity Theft Victim Packet

The links below give law enforcement officers materials they can use to help victims of identity theft. The Victim Checklist and the Affidavit can be given to victims to use as they take all the steps necessary to clear up their records. "How to Use the California Identity Theft Registry" (with its related forms) can be given to victims who have a criminal record created in their name by an identity thief.

In addition, Penal Code section 530.8 makes it possible for identity theft victims or their law enforcement representatives to get copies of documents on fraudulent accounts from the financial institution or utility where the accounts were opened. The link for Requesting Fraudulent Account Information leads to forms to use for requesting the information.

  1. Identity Theft Victim Checklist
  2. Identity Theft Affidavit
  3. Instructions for Identity Theft Victims on Requesting Fraudulent Transaction/Account Information, pdf.
    • A law enforcement officer may use this form to help the victim determine the creditors or businesses from which to request information. The officer fills out the form, signs it and gives it to the victim.
  4. Identity Theft Victim's Fraudulent Transaction or Account Information Request, pdf.
    • The law enforcement officer signs this form where indicated. The victim makes copies of the form and fills out one copy for each business. The victim or the law enforcement officer sends the form, along with any additional information as explained in 3 below, and mails or faxes it to each business.
  5. How to Use the California Identity Theft Registry - A Guide for Victims of "Criminal" Identity Theft