Data Broker Registration for Wiland, Inc.

Data Broker Name: 
Wiland, Inc.
Email Address (Accessible to the public): 
privacy [at]
Physical Address: 
7420 E. Dry Creek Parkway
Niwot, CO 80503
United States
How a consumer may opt out of sale or submit requests under the CCPA: 
We are a marketing company whose clients range from some of the biggest companies and charities in the U.S. to local charities, such as food banks. We help our clients identify people who might be interested in their marketing offers. Sometimes our research is intended to help our clients find new donors or customers, others to find new ways to serve or connect with existing donors or customers. But whether they are our clients, the American consumer, or others, we care about people, and provide consumers with privacy choices. We have provided a form and a toll free number on our website at for consumers to submit “do not sell” or other requests under the CCPA.
How a protected individual can demand deletion of information posted online under Gov. Code sections 6208.1(b) or 6254.21(c)(1): 
We believe in honoring consumers’ privacy choices, as described above. We do not currently make consumer information publicly available via a website or other online service, nor do we currently host public websites where other consumers could post this information. Accordingly, we do not have a specific method for submitting the requests described in this section. Please see for more information about our products and services, how we use and protect consumer personal information and how consumers can exercise their privacy choices.
Additional information about data collecting practices: 
We use consumer data for the purpose of creating products and services intended to help consumers receive relevant marketing offers and to reduce marketing waste and unwanted advertising. We require our clients to use our products only for marketing related activities, and not for sensitive decisions like credit, employment or housing. In addition, we limit the type of data we receive and the type of data we share in the interest of consumer privacy. We don’t possess or utilize sensitive data like credit card or bank account numbers, Social Security Numbers or other government-issued identifiers. We do not accept or generate information specifying individuals’ health conditions (such as protected health information, aka “HIPAA data”) and do not seek to predict that any person has a particular health condition. We don’t release information to third parties concerning specific items that a consumer has purchased, what magazines they read, or what charities they support unless requested by the organization with whom the consumer has a relationship. Our marketing products and services are designed only for use in marketing to United States consumers above the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information about consumers residing in other locations (such as Europe) or about children. We belong to several industry groups such as the Data and Marketing Association division of the ANA and the Digital Advertising Alliance. One reason these self-regulatory groups exist is to ensure that companies commit to honoring consumer choice. In addition to the privacy choices we offer consumers directly, we encourage consumers to utilize industry solutions, such as the DMA mail and email preference services and the DAA Ad Choices service to cast a broader net for their advertising choices. The DMA consumer choice website is: The DAA consumer choice website is:
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