Data Broker Registration for Intelius, LLC

Data Broker Name: 
Intelius, LLC
Email Address (Accessible to the public): 
support [at]
Physical Address: 
15501 W Broadway St.
Suite 800
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
How a consumer may opt out of sale or submit requests under the CCPA: 
A consumer can opt out of having their personal information appear on,, and and other similar people search websites the company owns and operates by visiting those sites and clicking on the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" or “Suppress My Data” links located at the bottom of the page, selecting the specific person profile they want opted out, and submitting an opt-out request for that profile. Consumers may also submit requests to Intelius under the CCPA by calling (888) 245-1655 or emailing Consumers may submit requests to US Search under the CCPA by calling (888) 712-0108 or (833) 949-2444 or emailing or
How a protected individual can demand deletion of information posted online under Gov. Code sections 6208.1(b) or 6254.21(c)(1): 
Intelius requests that demands for deletion of information under Gov. Code Sections 6208.1(b) or 6254.21(c)(1) be made by delivering a written request via email to,, or by mail at 501 W Broadway St., Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92101.
Date Approved: