Registry of International Student Exchange Visitor Placement Organizations (ISEVPO)

Updated: January 19, 2022

Alphabetical list of organizations:

American Cultural Exchange Service
American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation dba Academic Year in America
Aspect Foundation, Incorporated
Ayusa International
California Foreign Connect, LLC
Cultural Homestay International
Diamond Bar Sister City
Edu-icare Inc.
Education Travel & Culture, Inc.
Educational Resource Development Trust
Educatius, Inc
EF Educational Foundation For Foreign Study dba EF High School Exchange Year
F.L.A.G., Inc.
Face The World Foundation
First International Student Connections (FISC)
Forte International Exchange Association
Foundation For Worldwide International Student Exchange
Greenheart International dba Greenheart Exchange
International Academic Cultural Exchange, Inc.
International Fellowship, Inc.
International Student Exchange
Pan Atlantic Foundation
Private School Exchange (PSE), LLC
Program of Academic Exchange, P.A.X
Shimamura LLC dba Eduabroad
STS Foundation
Summa Global Educatioin DBA AnB Education
Youth For Understanding USA, Inc.