Antitrust & Business Competition

Antitrust enforcement is an important component of a sound free-market economy. Vigorous, competitive marketplaces established through antitrust vigilance help consumers by ensuring fair prices for goods and services, an array of products to choose from, quality goods and services, and the steady introduction of innovative new products. Diligent antitrust enforcement also helps businesses by protecting them from unfair competition and helping to establish a level playing field on which to compete.

The Attorney General’s Antitrust Law Section enforces California’s antitrust laws both civilly and criminally, and federal antitrust laws civilly, through business merger/acquisition reviews, investigations of potential violations of the law, and, where necessary, litigation. The Section has been engaged in these matters for many decades.

The Attorney General's recent antitrust enforcement activities have spanned a wide range of business industries. For more details, see Antitrust Highlights. Major initiatives have focused on the Gasoline Market, and the Pharmaceuticals Industry.