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2024 RIPA Board Report

2023 RIPA Board Report The California Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board (Board) is pleased to release its 2024 Report, which marks the Board’s seventh annual Report. The 2024 Report contains an analysis of more than 4.5 million stops by 535 California law enforcement agencies conducted in 2022 under the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (“RIPA”). Over the past few years, the data collected under RIPA has provided empirical evidence showing disparities in policing throughout California. This year’s data demonstrates similar disparities for all aspects of law enforcement stops, from the reason for stop to actions taken during stop to results of stop.

The 2024 Report closely examines a wide range of issue areas related to racial and identity profiling, providing context and research to deepen stakeholders’ understanding of the stop data collected under RIPA. Some highlights of the 2024 Report include an examination of youth interactions with law enforcement, both in and outside of school; exploring the effect police unions may have on law enforcement accountability; protocols and guidelines for law enforcement training on racial and identity profiling; and continuing the Board’s examination of pretextual stops, analyzing the results of stops where field interview cards are completed and stops resulting in a charge of resisting arrest.

In the Executive Summary, the Board provides an overview of the 2024 Report. For ease of reference, there is a separate Recommendations and Best Practices section pulling out the Board’s recommendations and best practices from research. The Board encourages law enforcement agencies, policymakers, the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), community advocates, and individuals to use these recommendations and best practices as a platform for discussion and implementation of reforms that will improve public safety in California. The Board especially recognizes that the community is essential to any police reform and that agencies and government should include diverse community members to work in close partnership with them to improve police services in their communities and across California.

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Previous RIPA Reports

On January 1, 2018, the RIPA Board released its first annual report. This was California’s first statewide report on racial and identity profiling in law enforcement.

The 2018 report was accompanied by a video that illustrates the purpose of the RIPA Board – including comments from members of the Board and the public on the need for the Board – and highlights the work of the Board.

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