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Tobacco Directory Notices

The Attorney General provides general notices of new laws to affected entities. The Attorney General also provides distributors and wholesalers with written notice of cigarette (including roll-your-own tobacco) manufacturers and brand families added to, excluded from, or removed from the Directory. (Rev. & Tax Code, § 30165.1, subd. (c)(3)(C).) Distributors and wholesalers are required to provide the written notices received from the Attorney General to their own customers. Distributors, wholesalers, and retailers are afforded a limited period of time to sell cigarettes (including roll-your-own) after receiving notice from the Attorney General of anticipated or actual removal from the Directory. Distributors and wholesalers have forty (40) days after notice of pending administration action and retailers have sixty (60) days after notice of removal. Cigarettes (including roll-your own) in the possession of distributors, wholesalers, or retailers after the sell-off period are contraband and subject to seizure and destruction.

The following notices have been sent to all licensed California distributors, wholesalers, and / or tobacco product manufacturers: