Effective 2017, the California Seller of Travel law has been amended. To review changes, see Laws/Regulations located on this website.

For information on the collection and use of personal information, please see our notice, Information Collection, Use and Access.

All fees are non-refundable even if a seller of travel registration is not issued.

Registration and Renewal Forms

Additional Forms

Listed below are various forms which may be required by our office:

  • Form 100, pdf

    Seller of Travel Authorization for Disclosure of Business Records Form
    Required for all sole proprietorships, partnerships and trusts.

  • Form 100-A, pdf

    Seller of Travel Authorization and Consent Form
    Required for all corporations.

  • Form 200, pdf

    Seller of Travel Withdrawal Form
    Required for registrants who wish to withdraw their registration.

  • Form 300, pdf

    Seller of Travel Trust Account Users Delegation

  • Form 400, pdf

    Seller of Travel Surety Bond

  • Form 500, pdf

    Seller of Travel Amendment to Seller of Travel Registration

  • Form 600, pdf

    Seller of Travel Amendment Form Transfer of Ownership Interest

  • Form 725, pdf

    Seller of Travel Email Confirmation Form

  • Form 750, pdf

    Seller of Travel Affidavit Form

Additional Documents

Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC)

Most California-based businesses and publicly traded companies must complete as part of the registration process the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund Assessment Form available from the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation. Questions about the fund should be directed to the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation