Controlled Chemical Substance Program

This program will monitor the use of meth-making products such as reagents, solvents, laboratory glass flasks and precursor chemicals that are needed for clan lab operations. The program tracks chemicals shipped into California that are likely to be bought by illegal drug makers and holds businesses accountable for diversions of precursor chemicals to illegal drug labs.

Mailing address and Physical address
Department Of Justice, Bureau of Investigation
Controlled Chemical Substance Program (CCSP)
4949 Broadway Suite B-222
Sacramento, California 95820

Phone: (916) 210-4313
EFax: (916) 731-2131
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Controlled Chemicals

Regulated Chemicals and Laboratory Items

Please reference California Health and Safety codes (H&S) Division 10, Chapter 3 Article 1 - 11100.0-11111.0 H&S.; including 11366.7 Chapter 6 Article 4; 11383-11384 Chapter 6 Article 6; and California Code of Regulations 800.-810. Check under H&S Code 11100/11106 to see if you meet an exemption. See following laws for Regulated chemicals 11107.0/11107.1 and 11111.