Foreign Prosecutions and Law Enforcement Unit (FPLEU)

The FPLEU will assist state and local law enforcement agencies in the location and prosecution of suspects who are Mexican nationals accused of committing violent crimes in California and flee to Mexico to avoid arrest and prosecution in California. In addition, FPLEU will assist with the deportation of American fugitives from Mexico, wanted in California for any criminal violation and child abduction cases.

FPLEU will also facilitate formal requests for assistance from Mexico and California under the Mutual Legal Assistance and Cooperation Treaty, as well as informal requests for assistance between the two countries. FPLEU will be responsible for filing criminal complaints in Mexico for crimes committed in California by Mexican nationals so that Mexican federal prosecutors can prosecute them in Mexico. These cases are commonly referred to as “Article 4” cases because they are prosecuted under Article 4 of the Mexican Federal Penal code.

The Department of Justice is the point of contact in cases arising under the Hague Convention on the civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The Child Abduction Unit, currently under the Criminal Law Division, is responsible for ensuring compliance with California’s obligations arising under the Hague Convention. The Child Abduction Unit has designated the FPLEU as the law enforcement point of contact for all Hague cases. In this capacity, FPLEU is also responsible for handling all child recoveries and returns.