Task Force Program

The Department of Justice continues the long tradition of inter-agency cooperation with the Task Force Program. The task forces are led by experienced commanders from the Bureau of Investigation who are responsible for training, supervising and leading local agents in major investigations throughout the State of California. The task forces act as force multipliers, aiding agencies in their crime suppression efforts within specific jurisdictions.

Each task force commander works closely with police chiefs, sheriffs and chief probation officers as well as a myriad of other local, state and federal agencies from Oregon to the Mexico border. The task forces work primarily on assisting them with major incidents of crime, preventing transnational gangs from infiltrating communities and dismantling clandestine drug smuggling, manufacturing and distribution networks. The task force commanders along with their law enforcement partners have been responsible for solving complex homicide investigations, violent crimes against persons and the seizure of tons of illicit drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

This program allows the Department to continue our partnership with local jurisdictions to coordinate and concentrate efforts against drug traffickers and major crimes. This program consists of the following task forces:

  1. Eradication and Prevention of Illicit Cannabis (EPIC)
  2. High Impact Investigation Team (HIIT)
  3. Inland Crackdown Allied Task Force (INCA)
  4. Los Angeles Regional Criminal Information Clearinghouse (LA CLEAR)
  5. Los Angeles Inter-agency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Team (LA IMPACT)
  6. Merced Area Gang & Narcotic Enforcement Team (MAGNET)
  7. Placer County Special Investigation Unit (Placer SIU)
  8. San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force (SD HTTF)