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Record Review Unit and/or Foreign Adoptions:
Questions regarding YOUR own criminal history record and/or Foreign Adoption procedures.

Applicant Response Section:
Question regarding applicant transactions.

Questions regarding Visa-Immigration and Apostille.

Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program:
Questions regarding how to become a Certified Fingerprint Roller in California.

Live Scan Support Section:
Questions regarding owning and operating YOUR own Live Scan device.

Live Scan Billing Unit: and (916) 227-3870
Questions regarding accounts payable and receivable or discrepancies on an invoice.

Authorization Questions:
Questions regarding authorization by the DOJ to conduct criminal history background checks.

Applicant Background Check Status:
The Applicant Background Check Status is used to check the status of a fingerprint transaction. The ATI Number and Date of Birth are required to perform a search.

Applicant Information Services:
For applicants with inquires related to the fingerprint background check process.